About Dr Helen Schultz

Dr Helen Schultz is a medical practitioner who specialises in psychiatry, that is the assessment, diagnosis and management of mental illnesses.

Dr Schultz is a ‘doctor’s doctor’ and specialises in the mental health and wellbeing care of doctors and medical students. Her work encompasses managing mental illness that affect doctors and medical students in her profession, but also provides psychotherapy for difficulties in training, as well as personal and life event issues that can affect all of us. As a medical educator and coach since 2007 she offers the ability to assist doctors and medical students with examination preparation, interview techniques or career coaching.

Dr Schultz has been involved with he training and education of doctors since 2007, and runs a niche medical education company, CPD Formulations Pty Ltd. She has a genuine interest and passion for advocating for colleagues regarding well being, progress through training and promotion of mental health. Dr Schultz is a confident medical advocate, public speaker and a voice within the medical profession who advocates for the rights of others. She has experience with media and is interviewed regularly for print, radio and television articles related to issues regarding doctors mental health and psychiatry in general.

Dr Schultz is an author and blogger. Her first book, “How Shrinks Think” was launched in 2014, and was written to de-stigmatise mental illness by debunking myths and stereotypes about what psychiatrists do. She is currently writing her second book, “Person First, Doctor Second” a narrative of real life accounts from family members left behind after losing a doctor to suicide.  She blogs regularly about topics in the media.