Dr Helen Schultz

Dr Helen Schultz is a consultant psychiatrist located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

She provides clinical care to doctors and medical students and is a passionate advocate for the wellbeing of those in her profession – medicine.

In addition, she coaches and mentors doctors in training. Her programs, Write2Pass and Present2Pass have been running for 10 years and offer one on one coaching for RANZCP exam candidates.

She is an author and media personality.

Update: Monday 30th March 2020

As of today Dr Schultz will be consulting via Telehealth exclusively. This is for the foreseeable future. Some Medicare item numbers have been released for psychiatry which enable the treatment of existing patients but at this stage we DO NOT have an item number for new patients. Dr Schultz will keep this page updated when changes arise. 

Update: Monday 20th April 2020

The Australian Federal Government have announced that as of Monday 20th April 2020 the restrictions applied to Telehealth with regards bulk billing have been relaxed. Therefore, as of Monday 20th April 2020, Dr Helen Schultz will revert back to her usual private billing fees while using Telehealth, in order to #stayathome and continue to see patients. 

Being a ‘doctor’s doctor’

After years of mentoring doctors and advocating for changes to improve doctor’s mental health, she now has a dedicated, after hours practice that is limited to the mental health care of doctors and medical students.

Dr Helen Schultz works according to the principle that if she helps one doctor achieve recovery from a mental illness using evidence based medicine, in a safe and confidential environment, drawing upon years of clinical experience, then that doctor will go on to help many patients, as well as enjoy a fulfilling professional career.

Dr Schultz is aware of the barriers to help seeking behaviour amongst the medical profession, as well as the inherent stigma. These factors have been considered carefully when opening this clinic.

Dr Schultz has managed a wide range of medical presentations in medical students and doctors, including mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, sleep and eating disorders and post traumatic stress disorder.

If you are a medical student or doctor, and would like to consult with Dr Helen Schultz, please contact her at welcome@mindadvocacy.com.au