Write2Pass™ – Individual coaching for RANZCP written examination candidates (essay paper)

Cancellation of the RANZCP March 2020 OSCE due to #COVID-19

While essential to take every precaution with the coronavirus pandemic, the cancellation of the March 2020 OSCEs has thrown many candidates study preparation into disarray.

Some of the trainees and SIMG’s I have spoken to have decided to focus on the written paper 2 until we know more about when and how the OSCE’s will run.

Hence I am offering my course with a smaller cohort of 5 candidates over 5 weeks, cycling through until the exams in August 2020. That way, I can keep on top of marking and return answers in a timely fashion, while accommodating for more trainees overall.

What is Write2Pass?

Write2Pass offers a tailored approach to help you pass the  RANZCP written examinations, focusing on the modified essay question (MEQ) and the critical essay question (CEQ).

Dr Helen Schultz has been setting quotes and marking mock papers for the RANZCP essay exam for several years. She is a consultant psychiatrist based in Melbourne and an author. She believes that tailored, individual feedback with original quotes (not past papers) is the only way to practice and achieve success in this written exam.

Dr Schultz is aware that trainees who are unsuccessful with the essay paper are often unsuccessful with the modified essay questions and the critical essay question. This could be due to time management. Others are competent with one component but struggling to succeed with the other, hence the following bundles are available to be sent weekly:

  •  10 CEQ’s
  • 10 MEQ’s
  • 5 CEQ’s and 5 MEQ’s

All original quotes, two a week for 5 weeks!

  • Total bundle $500 + GST.

Dr Schultz is aware of the new marking key and trends in examination questions. She will guide you with regards time management, grammar  and paragraph structure. This helps you to answer the question succinctly and professionally.


Cohort 1 Monday 23rd March to Friday 24th April 2020 **1 space left

Cohort 2 Monday 27 April to Friday 29th May 2020

Cohort 3 Monday 1 June to Friday 26th June 2020

Cohort 4 Monday 29 June to Friday 31 July 2020

(And yes you can join more than one cohort as the quotes will continue to change while hot topics also continue to crop up)

How do I enrol?

Enquire at helen@drhelenschultz.com for your tailored essay preparation program today!


“The essay prep was brilliant as it helped improve writing style, develop new ways of thinking about a variety of different and topics relevant to contemporary psychiatry. In my opinion it was the best feedback out of all the other available essay courses due to the level of detail given in the feedback.” – Successful exam candidate, RANZCP written exams, August 2019.