SleepSchool, our most popular program ever, is back for 2016!

Back by popular demand, CPD Formulations flagship workshop showcasing all matter sleep and psychiatry, SleepSchool will head to Cairns, FNQ on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April, 2016.


We will be taking our fabulous lineup of speakers and subject matter experts from SleepSchool to Cairns, Queensland, and delivering two days of fabulous content about all matters sleep and psychiatry on Friday 8th April and Saturday 9th April 2016.

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel – The Marina – Cairns

What is SleepSchool?

CPD Formulations Pty Ltd has been running SleepSchool since 2008 (Melbourne), with internationally recognised speakers and chairpersons including Prof David Castle, Dr David Cunnington, Dr Curt Gray, Dr Tony Fernando, Prof Darryl Bassett, Prof Philip Boyce, Prof Greg Murray, Assoc. Prof Mark Walterfang, Dr Simon Frenkel and Dr John Callary. SleepSchool was repeated in Melbourne, then Sydney (twice), Brisbane (twice), Fremantle, Adelaide and Newcastle.

Now it’s time to hit FNQ!

Our aim has always been to provide a novel workshop that addresses the importance of sleep in psychiatric disorders, and the links between sleep and mood. Over 300 psychiatrists, psychologists, registrars and GPs have attended our workshop over the years, and have increased their knowledge about this important area of sleep psychiatry.

If you are a psychiatrist, psychiatry registrar, or an allied health professional that is keen to learn more about sleep and mental illness then save the date and join us.

Our speakers:

Simon frenkel pic

Dr Simon Frenkel

Dr Simon Frenkel is a respiratory and sleep disorders physician with more than 10 years experience in this field. In addition to working at the Western Hospital in Melbourne, he is one of the directors at Lung and Sleep Victoria. Dr Frenkel’s sleep medicine interests are diverse, with a particular emphasis on non-respiratory sleep disorders and multidisciplinary models of care. He is actively involved in sleep education and is co-chair of the Sleep Physicians Council of the Australasian Sleep Association. Simon was our fabulous keynote speaker at SleepSchool Adelaide in 2013, and we are thrilled he is joining us again.



Dr Curt Gray

Dr Curt Gray is a consultant psychiatrist in Brisbane with clinical expertise in sleep disorders and their relationship to psychiatry. He is a foundation accredited Member of the Faculties of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Old Age, of the RANZCP. He currently works in full-time private practice. Dr Curt Gray has completed a 6 year term as a federal Examiner for the RANZCP Committee for Examinations. Dr Gray has spoken at SleepSchool Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Newcastle and Fremantle.


Dr Helen Schultz 2

Dr Helen Schultz

Dr Helen Schultz is founder and creator of SleepSchool which has been running since 2008. She is a pharmacist and psychiatrist with a particular interest in the safe and judicious use of psychotropic medications for sleep disorders. She is an experienced public speaker and advocate for patients with mental illness. She wrote her first book “How Shrinks Think” in 2014. Dr Schultz provides second opinions and ongoing care for patients with complex sleep disorders and co-morbid mental illness. She works full time in private practice in Melbourne, and has twice worked at Cairns Base hospital in a locum capacity.


Our local speaker- Adjunct Professor Stuart Armstrong. 

Stuart Armstrong graduated from the University of London with a BSc in psychology and zoology, and from La Trobe University with a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology. He was Reader and Associate Professor in the Dept of Psychology at La Trobe and also worked in research institutes in Germany and the USA. His research work focused on the neuroscience of the sleep-wake cycle with particular emphasis on the role of the pineal hormone melatonin and bright light on the timing of the biological clock and their use in treating sleep and mood disorders.  He published over 100 research articles, including in the prestigious journal Science, and was co-author of the first international patent for using melatonin for alleviating jet-lag and other circadian rhythm disorders. He became actively involved in treating the insomnias in the mid-1980’s, establishing insomnia clinics first at the Melbourne Clinic in Richmond, followed by the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg then Epworth Medical Centre, Richmond and East Melbourne. He took early retirement from La Trobe in 1995 to work as chief consultant (external) to the international pharmaceutical company Servier International [France]) for chronobiotic efficacy of S20098 (now marketed as Valdoxan), and (Eli Lilly [USA] for chronobiotic efficacy of its melatonin analog. Concomitantly he became Professorial Fellow (honorary) then Adjunct Professor at the Brain Sciences Institute at Swinburne University for two years. He continued his clinical health work at the Epworth Sleep Centre and Heidelberg Repatriation hospital where he became Director of the Sleep Disorders Clinic in the Veterans Psychiatry Unit (now PTVRS). He resigned from these positions in December 2013 and relocated to Cairns, FNQ.

SleepSchool FNQ Agenda 2 April 2016


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Wondering what goes on at a Sleepschool and keen to brush up on knowledge beforehand? Well we did capture content from some of our most successful campaigns, and the recordings can be purchased here.

See you at SleepSchool, FNQ in 2016!