Tips for Success Series DVD 8 Action plan


Tips and tricks for passing the RANZCP OCA marking domain – Action plan

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We are adding to the range of our highly successful DVD series. Last filmed in 2009, we are increasing the offers available to psychiatry registrars and international medical graduates (IMGs) as the examination process changes over time.

This DVD series will be valuable to all psychiatry registrars and IMG’s who will be assessed under the 2012 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) fellowship pathway.

We have created a DVD for each marking domain of the objective clinical assessment (OCA). The DVDs can be viewed alone or as a component of series that delivers practical tips and tricks plus a wealth of experience regarding ways to achieve exam success.

Created by Dr Helen Schultz, consultant psychiatrist and director of CPD Formulations, these DVDs should form part of all examination preparation. Dr Helen Schultz has coached and trained psychiatry registrars and IMGs since 2007, and shares her knowledge and wisdom combined with her clinical experience as a psychiatrist. She has first hand experience with this style of clinical examinations, after sitting the RANZCP fellowship exams in 2006.

Dr Helen Schultz has created these DVD’s with Glen Hancox, professional actor and director of ActReal. Glen has extensive experience with the RANZCP clinical examinations, as the in house actor for CPD Formulations since 2008. Glen also brings his expertise in presentation skills to this new range of DVDs.

Disc 8 highlights the marking domain of action plan, often not achieved because candidates make the plan way too generic, and spend way too long presenting it. We will show you how to structure and organise your plan, using the demographic details of the case and explain the importance of case context.


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