New doctor’s mental health workshop

Dr Helen Schultz has joined forces with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to roll out a brand new workshop that will truly find solutions to improving mental health and reducing suicide rates among doctors.

Dr Helen Schultz has been engaged by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) to deliver a workshop addressing doctors health and wellness at their next scientific meeting.

Dr Schultz has worked as an advocate and campaigner in this area for a number of years, and especially after the tragic sudden loss of three Victorian psychiatry registrars and an intern within 2 weeks in 2015. She was a one of the foundation members of the BeyondBlue doctor’s mental health committee set up in the wake of these losses. She has spoken at conferences such as the AMSA convention in 2015, to many doctors and medical students, as well as in print and on TV about this issue. She spoke about doctor suicide on ABC “Background Briefing” and promises to continue to advocate to keep this issue in the spotlight.

Dr Helen Schultz manages the care of doctors with mental health and/or co-morbid substance misuse issues in her private practice In Richmond, Victoria.

After the experience gained from these opportunities, Dr Schultz has unique insights on what can be done to prevent tragedies such as suicide. One of the main issues she sees as pertinent in many of these cases is the way others break bad news to the doctor. To the doctor, the news is often sudden and there is little or nothing in the way of tangible support. This is particularly true in the new era of mandatory reporting, when notifications are sent via mail with no warning or back up. In addition, doctors who are noted to have performance or health issues in the workplace are often paranoid and defensive they will be noticed, or even or even in denial that others are noticing. It is difficult to engage doctors and steer them towards care without having skills and expertise in this area. Often it is performed poorly, when this may be the only time they ask for help.






Hence the creation of a workshop that relies heavily on role plays and clinical scenarios, and an approach that will inform attendees about how to have crucial conversations in the workplace. This is the opportunity to to experiment with conversations that may be life saving, worthwhile or the catalyst for a doctor to take their own life. The content is current and relevant, the timing is right with so many competing issues at play, and the approach is unique in that it will leave the participants aware and ready to have better conversations with better outcomes.

Announcing our confirmed speaker lineup!

Dr Helen Schultz has teamed with Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, AO, Ms Mayada Dib and Mr Glen Hancox to deliver a truly valuable workshop. Click on the photos to read more about these speakers and the topics they will be presenting








Announcing our confirmed agenda!

The agenda for this full day workshop can be found here


RANZCOG have opened this workshop up to all health professionals, and the event will be held in Albury, NSW. This is a fabulous opportunity for health professionals and health administrators in this large regional area to attend. The workshop will be held in Albury as a mark of respect after a fellow of RANZCOG working in this regional area committed suicide in 2106.

All registration information can be found here This is a full day workshop, and the fee is $200, which includes workshop participation and catering.