Present2Pass is the brainchild of Dr Helen Schultz, coach facilitator and mentors of RANZCP psychiatry trainees and IMG’s. She has been coaching and training psychiatry registrars and IMG’s since 2007.

As a senior ‘junior consultant’, and with 8 years of experience coaching and training over 250 psychiatry registrars, Helen continues to provide small group workshops that give you practical skills and a chance to rehearse before the real thing. She is acutely aware that many services are unable to provide mock exams due to the time and service constraints. And as a past psychiatry trainee, Helen is aware that changes to the examination and fellowship pathway can cause anxiety among potential candidates.

Latest results from RANZCP OSCE examinations

Around two thirds of candidates were successful at the latest round of RANZCP OSCE examinations in September 2017. The examination process and progression to fellowship continues to change, now with the OSCE being the ‘high stakes’ examination and consultancy vivas more common in the stations.

Examiner feedback from the September 2017 RANZCP OSCE exams identified three main areas of deficiencies among unsuccessful candidates

  1. An inability to formulate a case to the level of a consultant psychiatrist (rather than summarise)
  2. Addressing the case across the whole bio-psycho-social domain and remaining patient-centred when deriving diagnoses and management plans
  3. Owning the action plan, presenting in a confident manner and not deferring to a supervisor. 

There are also changes occurring to the RANZCP 2018 examinations to cater for an increase in candidates, found here;


As a coach and mock-examiner over the past 10 years, I would agree with the feedback from RANZCP. I am aware that for IMG’s a bio-psycho-social approach to formulation and management is something that needs to be refined, as it differs from the approach in countries such as India and Sri Lanka, where a more biological interpretation of the case is familiar. After ten years working on non-clinical skills such as body language, confidence and presentation skills,  I know candidates still struggle with owning their action plans, stating what they would do now, and what they will delegate.

I also know that with the increased demand for places at the exams, consultancy vivas will become more common for OSCE scenarios, as there simply won’t be enough examiners and mock patients for more clinical type stations.

Hence our latest offering: OSCE Summer Series – “Finessing the Formulation, Owning the Action Plan and Making Sense of Medical Scenarios”

Over the summer months we will offer Friday afternoon and Saturday morning OSCE training that will enable you to succeed in the areas RANZCP examiners have defined as necessary to be successful in the RANZCP clinical examinations.

Places are limited to 6 candidates, and to ensure that we don’t waste the time of interstate candidates who want to attend more than one, the sessions will be coupled so you can stay over and return for the next day of OSCE preparation.

And for an extra fee, we will add on your own one to one coaching which has always been one of our most valuable offerings.

We provide official records of attendance so that you can claim back the fee via your CME allowances.

All workshops will include 1 OSCE scenario demonstrated with a professional actor, time to rehearse for each participant and course notes with tips and trick pertinent to the workshop content.

Each workshop (4 hours) is $495 +GST. Enrol for 4 and get the 4th one free! All participants receive 15% off one on one coaching services (normally $300 + GST per hour)


View our timetable here:

Summer series OSCEs

Want to enrol? Call us on (03) 9428 8321 indicating which dates you would like to attend, and we will do the rest. Alternatively, email us at


Testimonials from recent attendees:

“I attended your workshop re OSCE. I passed Helen , thank you so much for all the support . Thanks a lot again”. Dr RT, Qld, April 2016



“It was a great in-vivo experience. It is surprising how one doesn’t think of all the practical things unless you do a trial exam. It was helpful to get feedback from both examiners and actors. An excellent and practical preparation course. Thank you Helen and her team”Dr GF



“Hi Helen, I remember the great job you did getting me through my exams with the CPD formulations prep course. Thank you! I hope all is well with you and that you are still getting trainees like myself to the finish line. Warm regards, JH



Testimonials from our July Present2Pass 2017 candidates

  • “This workshop gives us hope!”
    • “I obtained structure around how to approach different types of stations
      • “The feedback was delivered in a kind and caring manner”
        • “I loved having original stations – no past papers”
          • I liked getting feedback from more than one examiner”




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