CPD Formulations – our workshops and programs

Dr Helen Schultz founded CPD Formulations Pty Ltd in 2007 and is the managing director of this niche company offering education to doctors of various specialties.

Helen has been involved in medical education since 2006, and has continued to keep up with times, using social media as an important component of this. She is particularly keen to develop programs that address niche areas of psychiatry and medicine, and not explored in great detail during psychiatry training. Helen has a passion and talent for bringing together local and international speakers who are experts in their field.

Over the years she has created and delivered “SleepSchool”, educating psychiatrists about normal sleep and sleep disorders. in 2013, she created Cognisense, which ran in Melbourne and Brisbane, highlighting the importance of memory, cognition and when things go wrong. She also created HIV Matters in 2010, a workshop that educated about mental illness in the HIV population.

DVD copies of these events are available here, and are valuable educational aids for any clinician who would like expert knowledge about these areas of psychiatry, that are often not taught in great detail.

Dr Helen Schultz’s flagship program is Present2Pass, a portfolio containing group workshops, one on one coaching and mock Examinations. Dr Schultz has coached and trained over 150 registrars and IMG’s to help with exam success, and is an accredited coach with the STP committee of the RANZCP.

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