How Shrinks Think

Dr Helen Schultz’s first book, ‘How Shrinks Think’ was launched in November 2014. How-Shrinks-Think-Cover-HR

How Shrinks Think chronicles Helen’s journey through psychiatry training and examines why so little is known about this specialty despite the increase in mental health education and awareness. Helen offers her thoughts about what is happening to the mental health system, what leads to stigma and where the profession is heading.

By writing about what really happens in a therapy session, Helen has been able to help patients understand the value of seeing a psychiatrist, debunked myths, and advocated for the right and evidence based care of patients with mental illness.

Limited copies remaining, available directly from author

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Recent conversations

mel kettle

Helen was a recent guest on the popular podcast, “A Great Recipe for Life”, hosted by Mel Kettle (whom she met on Twitter). Listen to an interview that debunks myths, talks about mental illness in general and debates topics from the point of view of a psychiatrist in everyday practice!




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