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Greetings all,

Between caring for patients and advocating for doctors mental health, I will be managing the popular twitter handle @WePublicHealth.

I am extremely honoured to be given this opportunity, and plan to tweet on matters social media and medicine after running a highly successful workshop for doctors, called, MedicineSocial last weekend in Melbourne.

I am extremely passionate about writing, blogging about all matters psychiatry. I truly believe most stigma around mental illness lies within the medical profession, and that many doctors don’t actually know what we do! Many of my patients are unaware that I am a doctor with a specialty qualification in psychiatry. This lack of understanding of what we do leads to an under utilising of our our ability to diagnose, manage and treat mental illness.

I also know that psychiatry is controversial. I struggle at times with how to work within such a broken public mental health system. I care about doctors mental health, as I feel that without a healthy workforce we cannot expect patient health.

I will be tweeting regularly, and welcome your questions and thoughts. In particular, I am going to be investigating how the professional and powerful use of social media can break down barriers between doctors and patients, allow us to be on the front foot when it comes to the delivery of evidenced-based scientific health information, and to allow us to learn and grow as a community of like minded people.

I have also been asked to talk about the rise in cyberstalking, the phenomenon of trolling, and the roles of caricatures and parodies in delivering messages around health. I spoke about this on the weekend, profiling types of stalking behaviors based on what we know about off-line stalking, and how this is playing out on social media, often with deleterious consequences.

Please share my tweets, reply, tell me what you think, and keep it real!

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