Doctor’s mental health clinic for all doctors and medical students

After years of working in the doctor mental health space as mentor, advocate, author and public speaker, Dr Helen Schultz has opened a unique doctor’s mental health clinic that is dedicated to the psychiatric care of medical students and doctors.

Dr Schultz has consulted other ‘doctor’s doctors’ including Dr Michael Myers, psychiatrist at SUNY Medical Centre, Brooklyn New York. After seeing many doctors and medical students in her general practice, MindAdvocacy she is distinctly aware of the barriers to help seeking and attending regular appointments.

Dr Helen Schultz has been a tireless advocate regarding ending AHPRA’s mandatory reporting laws, and has extensive expertise regarding what constitutes a mandatory report. She has managed the psychiatric care of doctors and medical students who are being investigated by AHPRA. She is extremely devoted to ensuring all doctors and medical students receive evidenced based, confidential and safe psychiatric care to ensure they can achieve fulfilling careers and go on to help many other patients.

As a psychiatrist who lost three psychiatry colleagues to suicide in 2015, Dr Helen Schultz remains committed to doing what she can to help her colleagues, both with direct patient care, as well as continuing to advocate for change in Australia and internationally.

Dr Helen Schultz has clinical expertise and manages most presentations of mental illness including mood disorders, personality disorders, sleep and eating disorders and post traumatic stress disorder.

Clinic details

The clinic runs on Thursday evenings (6pm to 9pm) and Saturdays from 8am until 2pm. There is a 15 minute gap between appointments to ensure anonymity. There is no waiting room, and please be on time. 


80 Yarra St Heidelberg 3084. Located near to Heidelberg train station and Austin Health. Plentiful street parking. No signage for confidentiality.

Appointment themes

  1. Clinical consultation (60 minutes)-  requiring a GP referral and to address specific mental health issues, including diagnosis, management and ongoing treatment. (rebate available through Medicare)
  2. Coaching consultation (60 minutes) – recognising that not all issues causing distress are related to pathology! These sessions are tailored to utilise the skills of Dr Helen Schultz who has worked as a coach and mentor, and can help with issues such as burnout, exam stress, or difficulties traversing the training pathway. (no GP referral required, but no rebate available through Medicare)


In accordance with AMA fee schedule

To make an appointment

Call (03) 9428 8321, fax a referral to 9428 8385 or email