Contact Dr Schultz

Dr Helen Schultz is currently operating a small private practice for existing patients at 549 Bridge Rd, Richmond 3121.

She is no longer accepting new referrals, or able to see patients who have not attended in the past 12 months.

She is focusing on her after hours clinic for doctors and medical students which is expanding to three days per week, and accepting new referrals. It is a bespoke, after hours practice located in Heidelberg Heights, offering clinical consultations and coaching consultations on Tuesdays, Thursday afternoons and evenings, and Saturdays.

Contact details;

Postal address PO Box 2325, Richmond 3121

eFax (03)86772531


Dr Schultz is also able to see doctors and medical students located in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia via telepsychiatry. 

Media enquiries : Twitter @drhelenschultz