Announcing our next Present2Pass full Mock OSCE/M-OSCE

Greetings all,

Our next full 3 hour mock OSCE/M-OSCE will be held well in time for the next round of the RANZCP exams.

This will be the third time we run a full 3 hours exam, with examiners and professional actors, simulating the real thing. Our exams are very popular as it is a genuine opportunity to run through a full exam, with original stations (no past papers) incorporating ‘hot topics’ that may appear on the day. In addition our dedicated team of examiners and actors will provide you with personalized feedback about your performance.

Unlike other exam workshops, ours remain popular because we offer small group format, individualised attention and an opportunity to desensitize yourself to the real thing.  You achieve exam success because you get to perform a full ‘run through’ rather than listen to lectures about how to manage the OSCE/M-OSCE’s.

Places strictly limited.

We have 4 places for candidates, as well as 4 for observer spots. 4 candidates will run through a full 3 hour examination. 4 observers have the opportunity to ‘shadow’ and observe the exam as it moves through the stations.

After the morning exam is over, we will debrief over lunch and move into a 3 hour workshop designed to offer more tips and tricks for success in the OSCE’s!



Saturday, 22nd August 2015


  •  OSCE/M-OSCE 10am to 1pm (arrive by 9.30am for briefing)
  • Afternoon OSCE/M-OSCE fundamentals and debrief 1.30pm to 4.30pm


CPD Formulations Pty Ltd, 394 Church St Richmond 3121

To Book, click here

Early bird offer!

For those who book by July 1, 2015, you will receive one of our full Mock OSCE/M-OSCE archive stations every 2 weeks until the real thing! These archives contain all you need to run through stations in your study group, including instructions to candidates, actors, examiners and marking sheet. 



Would you like some medical education with that?

Greetings all,

Well Linkedin told us it was our birthday! CPD Formulations Pty Ltd is now 8 years old.

This is no mean feat given that CPD Formulations Pty Ltd was born from a shelf company, into a niche area, with constant changes to income, and maintaining a very flat organisational structure (well most of the time it is a very small team and myself).

Nevertheless, I wanted to mark the occasion, reflect on how far I have come, and  thank those who posted comments or have been there for the journey.

By way of background, I began working in medical education while undergoing my psychiatry training. I worked as a medical writer then director for a couple of organisations, and then branched out alone. I have always believed that doctors are keen for unbiased, quality evidence based education not linked to direct pharma marketing and not just because we have to satisfy requirements for college accreditation.

Over the years, I have created and rolled out a number of niche medical education programs in the area of sleep, HIV, neuropsychiatry and more recently the use of social media in medicine. My most favourite courses have been under the umbrella Present2Pass, a name and logo I trademarked over 7 years ago. I have coached and trained over 250 psychiatry registrars and IMGs since this time, and helped them via small group learning and one-on-one coaching, in order to help with the ‘non-clinical’ skills required to pass the RANZCP examinations.

Over the years I have moved with the times and traversed the area of medical education which has had a very shifting landscape. When I started out, it was prior to the global financial crisis. In addition, it was prior to Medicines Australia’s changes to legislation about marketing to doctors, including the provision of medical education. In 2008 and 2009, I worked closely with pharma to deliver medical education programs funded by unrestricted education grants. Pharma could not control content but were crucial in providing funding for what were very successful education programs, such as SleepSchool, HIVMatters and Shifting Clocks.  Our most successful program was SleepSchool, delivered in most capital cities across Australia ,and with the help of CSL Biotherapies educated many psychiatrists about the link between sleep and mental illness.

As pharma sponsorship became more and more difficult to achieve despite some very successful campaigns, I had to continue to move with the times and deliver programs that were cost effective yet maintained good value. In a landscape where it is still very difficult to charge registration fees, CPD Formulations has had to ‘shelve’ some very successful programs. We have DVD archives of some of our most popular keynote speakers, and will continue to develop on line education, maintaining our commitment to quality unbiased medical education in niche areas of medicine.

Our most recent workshop, Medicine Social trended exceptionally well on the day, with  #MedicineSocial the top trending hashtag in Australia for 4 hours straight. We had 20 million impressions world wide, and this is evidence that medical education is moving to the social media space. We are ready to embrace this change.

Hence the new website, which has much more capability than offered by the current one. We will continue to upload content to our YouTube channel, and CPD Formulations Facebook page, as well as produce a highlights DVD for MedicineSocial, held on 16th May 2015.

We will be asking our loyal followers to move across with us, to utilise our platforms and remain up to date with our latest programs and workshops. And at this time of the year, as for the past 7 years, I am focusing on training and coaching registrars with the upcoming RANZCP examinations not that far away. In addition, we will be announcing the next mock-OSCE well in time for October 2015.